Saturday, December 8, 2012

My DIY To-Do List

So thanks to Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs, I have rallied up some great DIY projects that I am aspiring to tackle. Since I have never done anything DIY-like before (except in 7th grade when I took an Arts and Crafts class... does that count?), I will be starting off with fairly simple projects to ease my way in. Here are the first few projects on my to-do list:

1) Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

With Christmas right around the corner, this is the perfect and simplest way to ease my way into the DIY world. It will be a fun first project and a very easy way to add some holiday spirit to your home. I have actually started on this project and will post about it soon...

2) DIY Canvas Photos 

These are awesome! They seem so easy and inexpensive to make... I'm sure I'll find a way to mess it up! I am planning on making these as Christmas presents for my parents and in-laws with pictures of our families on our wedding day. So we shall see if I can actually pull it off.

3) Wall Art

Again, another wonderful and simple way to add some decor to your home. I have a wall in my living room that is completely bare and I have been trying to fill it with something for the past year and a half. This might be the answer to all my problems!

4) Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Ok, ok... this seems a little on the tougher side. But, hey, if you wanna learn how to swim, you have to jump right in, right? Right? Meh... this may be a dream for me now, but I'm hoping after the experience I gain from these other projects, I will be able to tackle it. I desperately need somewhere to store my jewelry, because as of right now (and pretty much since we got married), my stuff has just been clumped up on one side of my bathroom dresser. So... I will make this. I will make this. I will make this. *positive thoughts*

So as I attempt one project after another, I will chronicle my work, warts and all! Stay tuned!

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